Why You Should Never Take Any Action When You Are Angry

Your colleague at work irritates you, someone’s rude to you in a public transport, and your partner forgets to take out the garbage for the hundredth time… Wouldn’t it be great if you could just release all your anger and say all that’s on your mind, no matter the consequences?

Expressing anger seems like a healthy thing to do, yet knowing when to react can save you the trouble of having to feel sorry for the things you have done or said when you were angry. As children we are excused all sorts of angry tantrums for even the smallest reasons. As we get older and more mature, our anger gets more sophisticated, and in most cases, we tend to keep it under control.

In the situations when it all seems too much to handle, we may get the urge to forget everything and lash out on the people who did us wrong. Even though it can be extremely difficult at times, we should restrain ourselves from reacting out of anger. Namely, when we are angry, we are not thinking straight, and our emotions take over our mind. The decisions and actions we would make in this frame of mind would most certainly be regretted later, once we cool off. Therefore, once we get into a situation that makes us angry, upset or hurt, it is advised to wait 24 hours to make decisions or take action. After the initial anger reduces, we would be able to regain logical thinking and act in a more reasonable manner. It would be much easier to find a better solution after some time, even if we still disagree.

Postponing any reaction when we are angry can help us save our relationships and business deals, and also it saves us feeling regret after taking radical action.

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