## Mahashweta
It was a nice read – [Mahashweta]( by Sudha Murthy. She’s chairperson of Infosys. Now I understand the plight of person suffering from **leukoderma**. Here’s what I’ve learnt:
1. Learning can bring more prospects but doesn’t guarantee to a prosperous life.
2. If you can’t take stand of your wife during her bad times. You don’t deserve her.
3. Marrying someone beautiful to flaunt is stupid. Beauty doesn’t remain forever. It is commitment that make you stay together.
4. You must disagree your mother when she’s wrong. Stand up for what’s right. Being subservience every time will make you regret in future for your decision.
5. Don’t wait for right moment. Be vulnerable. Make sure you are naked before the person you love.
6. Don’t carry stigma. Move on. Don’t bother other’s opinion (*log kya kahenge?)*.
7. Failure/betrayal teaches you a lot. Repeated success brings arrogance.
8. There’s something more important than money, its your mission.
9. Economic independence brings you confidence.
10. Saying right thing at the right time is what makes a conversation meaningful.


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