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Exorcism manual

I just watched a TED-X talk – a scientific approach to paranormal by Carrie Poppy. She’s an investigator and hosts a podcast also. She talked about her experience with paranormal activities. She was living in a desoluted house and when she came after doing her job she felt her heart thumping and awkward sounds in her home. She seemed that her house has been haunted by some devil but it wasn’t so. She called her friend and her friend being open minded accepted that she might be haunted and said to her that she need to curse the evil by crying out loud. The devil might run away. But no, it ain’t worked. She was still feeling miserable. And then helplessly she googled and found a forum of investigative journalist who explained every paranormal activity through science. Seems great? It was so, perhaps we all have heard about Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Yup! Her house has CO leakage and it was CO that lead her heart thumping and awkward sounds. The very next day she called the investigators and saw a drastic level of CO. She was lucky to realize this way early. Many of us live in the fear that something bad will happen to us or we might possess some weird powers. But you never know it might our misconception. And surprisingly 10 out of 10 times science has explained any kind of paranormal activity. We need to be open minded first and accepting the problem is second part. So, of course there’s no ghost but mystery. Do you have any haunted story to tell?

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